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For its very first edition, the Evian Triathlon is proud to support the Association for the safeguarding of Lake Geneva in order to contribute to the preservation of this exceptional setting.

Raising awareness

Lake Geneva, a veritable natural jewel, is home to an exceptional wealth of biodiversity and  history. Its waters are home to numerous species, making Lake Geneva a vitally important ecosystem. Since 1980, the ASL has been working on a daily basis to ensure that the lake’s  waters and its tributaries remains as pure as possible. They carry out scientific studies, take action to protect habitats and organise educational events to raise public awareness,  particularly among children, of the need to preserve this unique biodiversity. 

Their activities in the field

The ASL carries out a range of activities with the help of numerous volunteers in order to  protect this fragile environment:  

  • Net'Léman, the great lake clean-up, which removes several tons of rubbish from the  lake each year.
  • Stop Knotweed, a fight against the proliferation of knotweeds, invasive plants that  threaten the biodiversity of the lake's shores.
  • Pla'stock, a study of macro- and microplastics on the beaches of Lake Geneva. 

Support the ASL  

In order to continue carrying out their protection and awareness-raising activities, they need your support. By becoming a member or supporter of the ASL, you are joining a passionate community determined to preserve Lake Geneva for future generations. Your membership will enable them to fund activities in the field in order to preserve the biodiversity of Lake Geneva and its tributaries in the long term. Their work is recognised by the federal, cantonal/departmental and municipal authorities, as well as by the general public, for its  seriousness and objectivity. 

Join them today and help preserve Lake Geneva, one of our region's most precious natural  wonders! 

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